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Liver ImmunoBlot


Table of detectable auto-antibodies

Type of Antibody  

Molecular Weight, (kD)

Specificity of the antigens

anti-AMA (M2-Type)

Mitochondrial antibodies are directed against proteins of the inner and outer membrane of the mitochondria and react with proteins of the a cetoacid dehydrogenase complex of the mitochondria

74 kD

50 kD, 54 kD

Other additional bands at 54 kD and 52 kD are rather close to the LP- and LKM antigens.

Highly specific and highly sensitive marker for primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), a chronic cholestatic liver disease.

In M2-positive samples the major band against the 74 kD Antigen must be present!!


The so-called `liver-kidney-microsomal` antibodies (anti-LKM) are directed against proteins of the cytochrom-P-450 system

50 kD

They are a marker for autoimmune chronic active hepatitis.

These antibodies are specific for a subgroup of the autoimmune hepatitis and are mainly detected in younger patients, aging from childhood up to less than 30 years of age.


These antibodies are directed against a cytoplasmatic antigen

51 kD

Disease-specific anti-LP (liver-pancreas / anti-SLA) antibodies are associated with chronic active hepatitis and are found in approx. 25 percent of CAH-patients.

In patients with autoimmune disease anticytoplasmatic antibodies are found, whereas in cases of lupoid hepatitis also anti-nuclear antibodies may occur.




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